How We Make Your Order BE CLEVER. DRESS SMART.

Collar felt suit00

Pure-wool made collar felt, soft enough without roughness of chemical material, making the collar curve naturally and prevents it from rolling upwards.

Hand-Sewn Armholes suit01

Hand-sewn, pleated armholes result in a sturdier jacket without sacrificing fit or mobility. Bear hug away.

Hand-Picked Stitching suit02

Hand-picked stitching along the outer edges of the collar, lapels and pocket are a signal of quality and crafsmanship subtle, but stylish, you can let the details speak for you.

Boutonniere Loop suit03

Stitched by hand on the backside of the lapel, the boutonniere loop is a small detail only found on luxury suits that pay homage to sartorial tradition.

Hand-Made Hidden Pocket suit04

The smooth texture of inner pocket makes the appearance of pocket more solid & smooth. The delicate knit makes your pocket more confirm, people used to put some important thing in the pocket and we design for this usage.

Half canvas suit05

We know a good quality originate from the good technology and raw material, so we chose the world-class canvas interlining technology to processing our suit. With the thin,light and uneasy deforming horse tail hair, and for its no ironing crease, the handmade collar completely along the natural curve which can withstand the test of time.

Jacket Sweat Shields suit06

Sweat shields absorb moisture under your arms to keep you cool where you need it the most. So no matter what you’re doing,don’t sweat it.

Bemberg Inner Lining suit07

Bemberg feels like silk, but is more breathable and durable, making it the ideal inner lining for luxury suits. It’s also for superior to polyester or viscose rayon, which trap heat and pill with wear.

Bull Horn Buttons suit08

The pure natural material and elegant texture makes bull horn buttons be the first choice of many high grade suits. Although for its expensive cost, OWNONLY still consider it for our first choice.

Thread shank button suit09

Hand-made The thread shank on our buttons gives them just the right amount of space and strength, so they’ll always stand at attention.

Real sleeve slit suit10

Real sleeve slit is a unique technology of suit; The most bespoke suits on the market are unlocked. You can open the first button elegantly to show people your perfect work of your suit.

Split Yoke Construction fabric

A split yoke not only looks more stylish, it allows for more stretch across the width of the upper back and shoulders, allowing for more comfort and natural movement.

Collar Stays & Reinforced Fused Collars fabric

A stiff, balanced collar with removable collar stays will keep your collar points sharp and crisp, whether you’re buttoned up or down.

Single needle stitch fabric

Our shirt seams are constructed with a single-needle stitch (rather than a cheaper, less durable double but also creates a clean, finished appearance。

Mother of Pearl Buttons fabric

Our shirts are made with stylish, premium mother of pearl buttons. Pearl Buttons is a very old buttons; It is one of the most commonly used type of buckle, although for its expensive cost, but its elegant texture and bright color make if for OWNONLY’s first choice.

Cross-Stitched Buttons fabric

Our shirts are sewn on with a cross-stitch for ultimate strength and security.


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