• Dropshipping Partner
  • Brand Partner


  • 1 Find an OWNONLY product to sell

    Discover products that you’d like to sell within our dropshipping catalog or on ownonly.com. Request product feeds or images of the chosen products from us if you're listing and selling them online; request fabric swatches if you're selling them offline.

  • 2 List and sell the product

    List products on your website or anywhere on the internet. OWNONLY makes uploading products easy, complete with photos and full product descriptions. Show the fabric swatches to your customers in person if you're selling offline.

  • 3 Collect the payment

    After a product is sold, collect the payment from your customer along with their measurements and any selected customized options.

  • 4 Process the sale with OWNONLY

    After your customer has paid, log in to your OWNONLY dropshipping account to complete the order. Or let our partner service specialists order the product for you at the wholesale cost. Any payment you receive above that cost is your profit.

  • 5 Product shipped to your customer

    When you place the order with OWNONLY, simply tell us your customer’s measurements, options and shipping address then your work is done. OWNONLY will have the product shipped directly to the customer for you.

  • 6 Sell again. Profit again.

    The time you save by avoiding warehousing and shipping issues can be spent focusing on what you do best: researching new products, serving your customers and selling!


  • Reduced Risk

    OWNONLY has to tie up huge amounts of capital purchasing fabric inventories. Without money invested in inventory, the risk involved with a made-to-measure menswear business is dramatically reduced. If things don’t work out, you aren’t stuck with thousands in inventory you have to sell at a loss.

  • Wider Product Selection

    When you don’t have to pre-purchase all the items you sell, you can offer a significantly larger number of products to your customers. You can sell all of OWNONLY's designs and most of our partners' designs are permitted to be your offerings to your customers.

  • Stay Focused

    You can focus more time and resources on revenue-producing activities like marketing, advertising and product research instead of inventory management, packing and shipping. After all, there’s no need to hire someone to manage inventory or fulfill orders.

  • Custom Product Development

    See a product design that you want to sell but it’s not available on our site? No problem. Simply tell us the idea or send us a photo of the design you want, and we’ll take that design to our production team and turn that photo into a physical product for you to sell as an OWNONLY product or your own exclusive product sold only by you.

  • Custom Website Creation

    Want to sell like OWNONLY? Then you might want to have a website like ownonly.com. Not a problem for an OWNONLY dropshipping partner. Our development team will help you create a webstore that has similar functions like ownonly.com but you’ll have 100% ownership of it. And you’ll pay only the lowest fee for your webstore, to cover the cost and we won’t make an extra cent off of it.

  • OWNONLY Brings You Customers

    As an OWNONLY dropshipping partner, your exclusive custom developed products will be showcased on ownonly.com. Shoppers who are interested in your products will be taken directly to your website where they can purchase from you. OWNONLY is not allowed to sell your exclusive products. And our loyal customer base is continually growing so this means your customer base is growing too.


  • What kind of profit margin can I expect?

    As a dropshipping partner, we can offer you 20% off our retail prices on all our products like suits, shirts, blazers, coats, and accessories. We want to offer you our rock-bottom prices to make your business profitable and a guaranteed success.

  • What is an exclusive product? Do I need to keep any fabric inventory for it?

    Because we’re a made-to-measure business, we don’t stock or sell any ready-made menswear, and neither do our dropshipping partners. We do have a stock of a wide variety of fabrics and raw materials to make the products listed on ownonly.com.

    Generally, as a dropshipping partner, you can list our products on your website or sell them to offline customers. You won’t stock any fabrics with us, while all of our partners can sell all OWNONLY products.

    An exclusive product is a product idea or design requested by you and produced by OWNONLY only for you. You have 2 choices: if you want to sell that product only on your website or offline, you’ll need to stock some fabrics with us. We can start small with enough fabric for 30 suits or shirts. If you don’t want to stock any fabrics with us, then all OWNONLY partners and ownonly.com are allowed to sell your exclusive product.

  • Does OWNONLY ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship to most countries in the world. If you're not sure whether your customer's country or region is included, please contact us to confirm.

  • Do orders appear like they came directly from my company?

    Not initially. Orders will be sent out with our tags and boxes that read OWNONLY. However we will remove anything inside the box that has our website url on it to prevent your customers from visiting and buying directly from us. And you’re permitted to rebrand your business as “YOUR BRAND by OWNONLY” by working as a dropshipping partner. After you continually sell more than 100 sales per month as a droppshippping partner, you’ll be upgraded to our ‘brand partner’ status, which includes your own labels, tags, and boxes and will be shipped out as your own brand.

  • Is your suit construction 1/2 canvas or fused?

    1/2 canvas.

  • I'm not sure about your fabrics, can you send me your fabric swatches?

    We will send you 2 fabric books, one for shirts, one for suits. And fabric swatches for other products like blazers, pants etc. Sent via Fedex at the cost of $75, takes 3-5 days to reach you.

  • Can I use your products photos on my website?

    Yes, you're permitted to use all of our materials for marketing, you'll be able to request products photos once you've joined us.

  • How do I submit orders to OWNONLY?

    You'll be able to submit your droppshipping orders after you login to your dropshipping partner account (once you’ve been approved). Or you can contact our dropshipping partner service staff to submit orders. We accept Paypal and most credit cards, and are flexible once you have a proven track record of steady business with us.

  • How do I get tracking information for my customers' orders?

    We will provide tracking information via email and in your partner dashboard. Tracking information will be received immediately after the shipment is processed or by the end of the day the order was shipped. Once you receive a tracking number, it's your responsibility to pass it along to your customers.

  • What is the turnaround time for fulfilling a dropshipping order?

    Once we've received your dropshipping order, it will be shipped as fast as our direct customers. That's 25 days for suits, 15 days for shirts.

  • How do returns from my customers work?

    Please contact us to get more information.

  • Is your dropshipping program free to join?

    Yes, it's free. But we have a strict qualification process to prevent direct customers from receiving discounts by joining this program. So that's why you need to apply to be approved before you can start.