1. 1 Cut to the idea ratio
  2. 2 Lapels follow your natural curve
  3. 3 Half-canvassed allows a more natural drape and durability
  4. 4 Beautifully cut arm line for comfort and easy of movement
  1. 5 Opt for the Slim of Fit cut to match your shape
  2. 6 Functional cuffs only found in custom tailoring
  3. 7 All buttons made from natural Bullhorn & Corozo

Take a closer look at the fine techniques used to craft the finest suits and dress shirts.

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suit image

suit fabric image
A well made suit is more than meets the eye, and the finest fabric and expert stitching are only the half of it. All of our suits use half-canvassed construction that holds up the suit.
Natural Materials
Using natural horsehair allows for the ideal drape to keep your suit looking its finest from day one. The ability of the material for memory also helps to improve the fit of your suit over time.
Using this high quality material must be cared for, and that is why our canvassed construction must be done by hand.
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